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Fourth Year Reflections

Ally Lee

Headshot of Ally Lee in a garden.

As my time at UVA is gradually coming to a close, I have trouble deciding whether it felt like the past four years were extremely long or incredibly short. There have been a lot of changes within eight semesters: a new lifestyle, new places to live, new people, new workload, new dreams and failures—but the one consistent aspect has always been VWC. I can always count on being in Old Cabell Hall, B012, on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-9:15, singing , laughing, and connecting with my community. In that room, I have made some of my best friends, learned about how difficult but rewarding it is to lead, how to laugh at myself, how to be a better performer, and I have constantly been reminded of how magical and strong of a uniting force music is. I am eternally grateful to KaeRenae for her tireless effort and countless hours to keep this community of women going and providing this opportunity of sisterhood for generations of women, as well as my friends who have made this Chorus a family and a place of rest amidst all the craziness.


Sarah Thomas

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Reflecting back on my time in the Virginia Women’s Chorus, I’m not sure where to begin. Thinking of all the memories made, I can’t help but feel grateful for all this organization has provided. I am thankful for all the incredible friendships I have made through VWC. I love these ladies so much; I can guarantee I will not be making it through our fourth year send off piece, “Naomi and Ruth,” without a few (many) tears. Although I am not sure what I’ll do without everyone close by next year, I’m confident these relationships I’ve made will last a lifetime. Another gift chorus has given is the opportunity for great personal growth. From starting out as Publicity Manager all the way to wrapping up as President last semester, I was able to mature from a meek first year to the confident, capable woman I am today. It was an honor to serve the chorus the last three years, but I’ll admit I have no complaints about being able to sit back and just enjoy this semester. It has been such a pleasure watching the new Managing and Appointed Board thrive this semester and just further confirms the chorus has a bright future. I feel blessed to have had the chorus in my life as a supportive and talented community since first year. It has served as an outlet to pursue my love of music and been the breath of fresh air in the middle of the chaos that is college. Thank you to everyone who made these four years so memorable!


Julia Heinzel

Headshot of Julia Heinzel against the white columns on the UVA Lawn.

After my first year of college, I made the decision to transfer schools, starting all over again at the University of Virginia. I didn't know anyone, and had no idea what it would be like to start college as a second year (I didn't even know UVA called sophomores second years!). While the first couple months of school were hard, I found my place, my friends, and ultimately my confidence through the Virginia Women's Chorus. Almost immediately, I found girls that would come to be my closest friends. Being in the Chorus, singing twice a week, and serving as the Vice President have been some of the most memorable and meaningful experiences I've had at UVA.

One of my favorite parts of being Vice President was getting to know the New Girls - seeing that too-familiar nervous smile at auditions, talking about their musical background, and what drew them to audition. I loved being one of the first people they got to know through the Chorus, and that I got to meet such a wide range of girls that chose to audition. The Women's Chorus is such a special place within the University of Virginia community, and I know it will continue to be for years to come.


Chloe Cohen

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All of my three years at UVA have been spent making friends for life and singing beautiful music in the Virginia Women's Chorus. I am lucky to have spent two of those years developing my leadership skills on the Managing Board. As Publicity Chair, I enjoyed representing the Chorus on local TV and radio stations, as well as seeing my poster designs all over Grounds. As Alumnae Relations Chair, I got to pilot our new newsletter format on Mailchimp and plan a fun reception for all of us. While my time on managing board is over, I still love being a section leader for the Alto 2s. I truly am thankful for all of the memories I will hold onto after graduation, but some of my favorites were made on our Northeast Tour last year when we were caught in a blizzard! While I am graduating this year, I hope to stay in Chorus next year as a grad student. Wish me luck!

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