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Letter from the Vice President: Julia Heinzel


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My name is Julia Heinzel and I am beyond excited to be the 2018 Vice President of the Virginia Women’s Chorus! I am currently a third year studying Economics and Statistics, and I joined the Women’s Chorus the fall of my second year, after transferring to UVA. VWC has been my home ever since, and I’m proud to serve as the Vice President, as well as co-Alto II section leader along with our Alumnae Relations Chair, Chloe Cohen.

This spring, we took thirteen New Girls! They are a diverse bunch: we have first through fourth years, majors across the University, and each bring their own unique personality and voice to the Chorus. We have already bonded through rehearsals, bagels, and more. We have a lot of events to look forward to this semester in Chorus (like Singfest, Tour, and Spring Concert? Coming up, we have Singfest in February, where we will showcase some of our acapella talents along with other groups on Grounds. And of course, as former Tour Manager, I am beyond thrilled to go on our Northeast Tour in March! Back home in Charlottesville, we have a lot scheduled for this semester. Apart from Singfest in February, we will be performing at two basketball games (sure to bring the players luck before the game), and performing Downtown to publicize our upcoming Spring Concert in April. Our Spring Concert will be held in Westminster Presbyterian Church, in their sanctuary space.

We will also continue our sisterhood and social events throughout the semester. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while I may not have a significant other, I do have rehearsal on Wednesday night! Similar to Secret Santa, I will be starting a new Chorus tradition: a Secret Valentine! Throughout the semester, I will be working with our lovely social chairs, Julia Hatter and Whitney, to come up with fun social things to do within the Chorus and Glee Club. Speaking of the Glee Club, I am excited to begin another semester with the Glee Club as our brothers in song! They add a wonderful depth to our Chorus family and we are always happy to spend time with them. Our social chairs and the Glee Club social chairs have been hard at work already: arranging Bodo’s at Old Cabell, planning Foxfield, and, of course, the notorious Beach Week.

I genuinely hope that all of our alumnae will join us for our concerts in the upcoming months, especially those for our Tour. The Chorus community is about all members, past and present, and we look forward to any chance to get to know our VWC sisters better. Please come out to support us, meet our delightful New Girls, and we would love to have you!


Vdubz love,

Julia Heinzel

Vice President, Virginia Women’s Chorus

VWC Web Manager