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Letter from the Conductor: KaeRenae Mitchell



I hope this finds you well and staying warm during this rather harsh winter. In spite of the cold, we had a great turnout for auditions. Bouquets of thanks to our Managing Board for their amazing work, and to all of you who have served - we stand strong on your shoulders!

Great news – the VWC is going on a Northeast tour, and we’re kicking it off with a Connections Sing-along! We hope to see you soon! This is an informal gathering (no pressure to perform) on March 3 at 4 PM, and will be followed by a dinner at 6, and an after-party. Great appreciation to the planning committee team: Clare Anderson (’07), Chris VanDusen Butler (’89), Liz Lane (’98), and Irma Palmer (’10), and to Megan Winter for her oversight (’09). Please check for updates here. [Insert webpage that can be updated with music, attendees, etc.]

After the Sing-along, the Chorus will head north to the Philadelphia area and then to NYC to share in joyful music-making. Please see our TOUR page on our website for updates. We hope to see your friendly face in the audience if you live nearby and be sure to sing with us at the end! Speaking of tours, we’ve been invited to sing in Chicago and Dallas next year. Please email me or our tour manager if you have any connections you could share with us. Thanks! And a side note: we have turned down Carnegie Hall three times now due to lack of financial resources.

We love our alums! I believe a record was set in December when 22 lovely alumnae joined the Chorus for our Candlelight Concerts! It is truly special to see you in the audience and then joining in on Simple Gifts. We hope some of you can make the trip to beautiful Charlottesville in the spring for our concert April 7 at 4 PM at Westminster Presbyterian.

On behalf of the Chorus, we thank you for your generous donations that help us to continue to be able to offer the special community and choral experience to young women at UVA. This would not be possible without you. Congratulations to you, and our outgoing fundraising chair, Julia Kothmann, for setting a new record with our Annual Fund Drive. We are deeply grateful.


All my best,

Katherine (KaeRenae) Mitchell

Director, Virginia Women’s Chorus  

VWC Web Manager