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End of Year Reflections

Sarah Thomas    President

Sarah Thomas


As I reflect back on my time in the Virginia Women’s Chorus, I cannot help but get a bit teary -eyed. So much of my time at UVA has been shaped by chorus. One aspect I love about VWC is how we have people from different majors and backgrounds, yet we all share a love for music. Consequently I have met some my best friends in chorus and it allows me to continue to meet new, amazing women who I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

Looking back to first year, I came in to UVA as a shy new girl who was looking for a group to belong to and a place to sing. I found both in the Virginia Women’s Chorus. The group also played a monumental role in developing my confidence in myself and my skills. From publicity chair to concert manager, and finally president, I have grown as a leader thanks to the faith and support I received in chorus. Part of this growth is due to meeting so many capable and accomplished women both with the girls who came before me in chorus and from our incredible alumnae.

As my time as president comes to an end, I would like to take a moment express my gratitude to a few people. First off I would like to give a shout out to my amazing parents and sister. You three always believe in me even when I don’t always believe in myself and continued to support my love of music. I would also like to thank all the members of chorus who have had supported me throughout my time in chorus. You are all like family, and I have so much love and respect for my fellow VDUBZ. I would like to especially thank everyone on Managing and Appointed Board; you all have done exemplary work and are the reason the chorus is able to flourish. Lastly, I would like to thank our director KaeRenae Mitchell. There is no one who has or ever will do as much for the chorus as you. The immense amount of time, knowledge, and music you have dedicated to the chorus is unmatched. I am so grateful to have worked with you for these past four years, and I hope you know how much you mean to the chorus (even if we might not always show it).

Thank you also to everyone who continues to support the chorus. I look forward to seeing what is in store for the chorus’s future, and plan on enjoying my last bit of time in chorus!

All the best,

Sarah Thomas

Julia Heinzel    Vice President

Julia Heinzel

Vice President

Hello all,

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year and another semester has flown by. These past two semesters have felt especially fast, as so much has been going on in the Chorus. Serving as Vice President has been one of the most valuable and rewarding parts of my time here at UVA, and I am so grateful that the Chorus has entrusted this responsibility to me.  From running auditions to coordinating tour to coming up with fun sisterhood events throughout the semester, being the Vice President has given me a unique experience of getting to know all the New Girls from their audition to their first Concert, and I consider myself so lucky to have gotten this experience.

When I first got to UVA as a transfer student, I felt a little lost. Joining the Women’s Chorus helped me find my group here on Grounds, and I have met some of my best friends (and three of my roommates!) through the Chorus. One thing I can’t stress enough is how much the Chorus has meant and continues to mean to me throughout my time at UVA.

I would like to extend an especial thanks to all of our Alumnae, for establishing the amazing, wonderful group that is the Women’s Chorus. You all have helped to create and foster this welcoming and nourishing community, and that you all still are active in this community is such a testament to the strength of the bonds forged through our music and time together.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of this sisterhood and Vdubz love always,


Julia Kothmann    Business Manager

Julia Kothmann

Business Manager

It’s been such an honor to be a part of Chorus and to serve as Fundraising Chair and then Business Manager. The Chorus has given me so many valuable friendships, music education, and opportunities for growth. As this year comes to a close, I am reminded of how grateful I am for this organization and the its bright future I am excited to be a part of.

Ally Lee    Concert Manager

Ally Lee

Concert Manager

As a fourth year, I am often conflicted as to whether it feels like a lifetime ago or just yesterday that I joined this incredibly diverse and talented group of women and had the honor of serving on appointed and managing board. I’ve learned so much about the power of music, bonds of sisterhood, and love of service through the Chorus and I am forever grateful to KaeRenae, the appointed and managing boards, and members for making this group the best part of my time at UVA.

Emily Fox    Fundraising Chair

Emily Fox

Fundraising Chair

I am so grateful to have been able to serve as the Fundraising Chair for the Chorus this year! The experience was very rewarding, and has taught me so much about communication, organization, and time management. I am also so thankful for a wonderful year of singing in the Chorus! The music that was learned, friendships that were formed, and memories that were made have brought so much joy and happiness to my time here at UVA. I am looking forward to another great year in 2019!

Chloe Cohen    Alumnae Relations Chair

Chloe Cohen

Alumnae Relations Chair

It’s been a great pleasure to continue my time on managing board as Alumnae Relations Chair. I was given the exciting opportunity to pilot our new newsletter system on MailChimp, which has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I can barely believe that I, too, will soon be an alumna. The Virginia Women’s Chorus, and especially Managing Board, has provided me with lifelong friends and meaningful ways to grow my musicianship, as well as develop my leadership skills. It has certainly been my most central involvement at the University, and I look forward to cherishing the memories I have made forever!

VWC Web Manager