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Letter from the Vice President: Julia Heinzel

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Hello all!

My name is Julia Heinzel and I am thrilled to continue my role as Vice President of the Virginia Women’s Chorus for the coming Fall semester! I am currently a fourth year studying Economics and Statistics, and have been a member of the Women’s Chorus since I transferred to the University of Virginia in Fall 2016. It is my distinct honor and privilege to serve as the Vice President, as well as co-Alto II section leader along with our Alumnae Relations Chair, Chloe.

Last Wednesday, we participated in the annual Rotunda Sing, where we performed two pieces: a medley of Us, Rise Up, and Girl on Fire, as well as And So It Goes by Billy Joel. We featured three soloists during our performance: Chloe Cohen, Kate Haynes, and Shivani Nathan. Rotunda Sing was especially successful this year – I’ve had many girls tell me that they were motivated to audition from our performance! Rotunda Sing is one of my favorite things that UVA does – it’s such a wholesome way to welcome the first years and introduce them to the rich and vibrant musical community that exists here.

It’s hard to believe another summer has gone by and we are already back for another wonderful semester! The beginning of the semester always comes quickly – the first full week of classes isn’t even half over and we are already midway through auditions. Running auditions is one of my favorite parts of my role as VP – I get to meet all our prospective New Girls and am encouraged to talk about my love for the Chorus. Fall auditions are always especially fun, as I get to help first years find their home on Grounds in the Women’s Chorus, as I did two years ago. Auditions are running through this week and will culminate with callbacks on Sunday.

I cannot wait for the semester to get into its regular routine of rehearsals, when the bonding with our New Girls will officially begin! We already have many fun things planned for the New Girls: everything from bagels and pancakes to hikes on Humpback Mountain. Welcoming new members into the Chorus family is always an amazing way to start the semester, and I cannot wait for auditions to continue! As always, we are so grateful for the support and community you give to the Chorus. One of the strongest parts of the Chorus is the network of friends that all our alumnae retain after graduation. We hope you will stay in touch and drop by anytime you’re in Charlottesville!


Vdubz love,


VWC Web Manager