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Alumnae Corner


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The Connections Sing-along was a delightful gathering of members from the founding years to the present. Many alums and VWC members braved the winds and power outages to come together in friendship and song. I hope everyone enjoyed the singing and camaraderie as much as I did. Your beautiful music and sight-reading (check out Laura Harders’ link!) warmed my heart. Special appreciation to the committee members who worked hard to create this experience: Chris Van Dusen Butler (’89), Irma Palmer (’10,’15), Liz Lane (’98), and Clare Anderson (’07) and the AIG with Megan Winter (‘09), Chair.  Following the singing, we had a wonderful dinner, got to know each other while playing a game, and continued the celebrations at Brion’s Grille. As Clare said: “It was a great time and got everyone looking forward to the next VWC Reunions Concert in 2020!” For those who couldn’t make it, we would love to see you in two years!


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I am so happy to have supported the VWC AIG and look forward to seeing its evolution over the coming years.  Serving as an At-Large Member and then as Secretary was an honor and a lot of fun!  I love collaborating with my VWC sisters from across the years.  

VWC was so many things for me as an undergraduate.  It was where I found my people at UVA--an amazing group of women with unique personalities who all united in our support of each other and love of music.  I auditioned for VWC second semester of my second year when I saw a flyer saying "WANT TO GO TO SPAIN...and Portugal?" and thought, "Yes, I do!!"  I am so grateful to have spent 2.5 years with the group, which included that trip to Europe to share our voices and song just four months after September 11th.  It was a moving experience I will cherish forever.

After college, I moved to Washington, DC, to pursue a career in meeting planning.  I now work for the Society for Neuroscience in DC facilitating the planning of the content of an annual meeting for 30,000 neuroscientists.  I have been married to my husband Chris for nine years, though we've been together for 17 (he has attended A LOT of VWC performances), and we have two little rascals--Alex (4 yo) and Taylor (2 yo).  I am a recent breast cancer survivor, and the support and love of my VWC sisters near and far was felt deeply as I went through treatment.  You know you've made friends for a lifetime with some pretty great people when you receive a video of them lip syncing Bon Jovi to cheer you on!

I'd like to thank everyone with whom I've served on the AIG Board of Trustees and the Managing Board members of VWC who partnered so beautifully with the board.  This has been a fantastic experience!  


Kyle Haden (‘03)

VWC Web Manager