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2018 Donors


Susan Conniff, ’88

Claudia Fletcher, ’77

Bruce Kothmann and Andrea Kahn-Kothmann, ’89

Mark and Elisabeth Massey

David and Joy Peyton

Shirlie Mitchell Sult

Dennis and Cynthia Thomas


Carrie Williams Bullock, ’02

Daniel Debord

Mary Elliott Neal, ’07

Founder's Society


Frank and Carol Creasy, ’80

Julia Fleming, ’03

Susan Goode, ’80

Mary Jane Mayer Guffey, ’77

Laura Fimiani Harders, ’03

Meredith Harper, ’03

Susan and Mark Hill

Dr. Yaacov Pushkin and Elaine Flanders

Christopher and Megan Van Syckle Winter, ’09


Julie Ames, ’81

Carin Andresen

Susan Souren Bangs, ’89

Golda Harris Barrow, ’12

Jessica Bashkoff, ’09

Dr. Daniel and Elizabeth Bechard

Sarah Begeman, ’09

John and Mary Beth Bode

Mary Braunsdorf, LAW ’87

Marianne Niland-Branche, ’83

Lawrence and Carin Bur

Nicole Cunningham, ’90

Camille Difolco, ’15

David and Julia McGowan Drewry, ’13

Michael and Karen Fox

Daniel and Leslie Haynes

Bradley and Rebecca Herrington

Olive Johnston

Helen Kessler

Patricia Klass, ’77

Heather and John Lewis

Madison Lewis, ’18

Christopher and Emily Chee Ping Lowe, ’02

Kathryn Mann, ’87

Mary Ryan McCarthy, ’75

Deanna and Michael McCullough

Elizabeth McFarland, ’85

Dr. Emily Shiver Moses, ’02

Ida Price

Julie Reimann, ’88

Shari Rossman, ’78

Dr. Sarah McAllister Ryan, ’83

Kathryn Wolf Sekeres, ’83

Heather Stevens Spader, MD, ’97

Peter and Janet van Syckle

Michael and Alexa Villalobos, ’13

Jennifer Stoneburner Ward, ’05


Clare Anderson, ’07

Caroline Brautigan, ’10

Courtney Costello, ’09

Edwin and Katrina Crawford

Dr. James and Carolyn Dudley

Ann Carter Echols, ’86

Emily Gorman, ‘13

Christopher and Tamara Gordon

Eliot and Michelle Lee Harris, ’04

Christopher and Kyle Jones Hayden, ’03

Charlene D. Miott. ‘84

Stephanie Kendall, ’97

Jill Koeppen

Matthew Korbon, ’18

James and Elizabeth Binder Marshall

Stefanie Wallace Mercier, ’06

Janice Park, ’15

Michael and Jill Powers, ’83

Katherine Rader, ’16

Alex Salesin, ‘18

Pooja Seth, ’18

David and Dianne Stevens

Rachel Marie Sutler, ’03

Claire Elizabeth Trivisonno, ’17

Bridget Ward Whelan, ’13

Catherine E. Zine, ’89


Abigail Bolton, ’18

Patrick Bolton

Gabrielle Carper, ’18

James and Suzanne Cassidy, ’76

Elaine Chen, ’16

Daphne Colligan

CJ Crawford, ’18

Constance Sorenson Davison, ’79

Emanuel and Mona Edwards, ’79

Robin Etheridge, ’04

Kyle Tabor and William Furr

Katherine Gillespie, ’02

Ellen Howerton, ’16

Donna Kuppers, ’85

Karen Lee, ’98

Kurt and Jenni Bechard Marshall, ’09

Kimberly McCabe, ’99

Russell and Elizabeth Miller

Gina Nicastro, ’16

Suzan Roche, ’78

Bob and Dr. Kimberly Anne Slentz-Kesler, ’90

Amy Celia Sochard, ’82

Christine Tenekjian, ’02

Patrice Treubert, ’86

William Wheaton